Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nap Nanny Baby Lounge Chair - Comfortable, Practical, and Prevents Acid Reflux!

The Nap Nanny chair is one of those baby products that you think "why didn't I invent that?" The chair is simple in concept, but really is a lifesaver when it comes to your baby. They'll be sitting at an angle, and sleep very comfortably in this chair, so it will help to prevent acid reflux symptoms by keeping them tilted upright. What other situations would you use this great chair?

  • Let them chill out when they watch Baby Einstein videos with you in their own personal lounger! A great method to get them to relax if they're all wound up, and it transitions well into a toddler TV chair.
  • Feeding time on the go. Don't have a travel high chair or any place for baby to sit and relax while you're traveling? Nap Nanny will allow you to put the chair on the ground and feed them their bottle or baby food comfortably. The restraints will keep them in place, too.
  • At family events, everyone loves to hold the baby, but baby may not want to be held all the time. Let them have their little moment of "me time" in the Nap Nanny for a few minutes.

Cleanup is also super easy on these chairs. Simply remove the cover and wash it. The only downside is you'll need a backup cover (which they sell) in case accidents do happen. The positives far outweigh the negatives though! The chair will:
  • Help them sleep better.
  • Be the perfect chair to use on-the-go for feedings (on the floor only).
  • Get great use down the road during toddler age.

Be warned! Nap Nanny has been known to make adults very envious of its ultra comfortable shape and feel. To purchase the Nap Nanny, head to Amazon for the cheapest price:
Generation 2 Nap Nanny Portable Recliner