Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby Toothbrushes That Work

Brushing baby's teeth can be a real pain. Most babies are not cooperative about this, and why would they be? If you look at it from their angle, it looks like you are trying to attack their mouth with some sort of weapon! Persistence is key, but also having the right baby toothbrushes on hand can also help ease you through the process.

Here are a few tips in order to get baby's teeth clean:

1. Don't give up. They will resist, but if you brush again and again after meals, they will grow accustomed to the ritual. Over time, they won't be so stubborn, and might just realize that you aren't trying to hurt them, but trying to care for them.

2. Have them watch you brush your teeth. Nothing works like leading by example!

3. Use the same toothbrush as they have. There are electric toothbrushes for kids and toddlers on the market that look very similar to the ones mommy and daddy use.

When looking for the ideal toothbrush for babies, you'll want to find something that:

  • is completey chemical free (BPA free, phthalate free)
  • has good reviews from people who have purchased it before 
  • is inexpensive (you need to change these often!)
Now that you have some ideas, head on over to the best baby toothbrushes page for my personal reviews of the top five available today. 

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  1. This toothbrush looks amazing! What a cute idea it is. Great tips on how to make teeth brushing fun for kids. This Mom's Guide has also helped me with wonderful ideas on how to care for my kids teeth and also make it enjoyable. Hope you find it helpful also.