Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby Activity Gyms

Baby activity gyms are those things you see parents of newborns toting around with them everywhere that looks like a strange mess of baby contraptions to non-parents. If you're a parent, you'll totally understand why baby gyms and playmats were invented, and why they work with your little one.

From the moment they get home, babies are learning, their brains are growing, and everything is new. At the same time, parents need a break from holding the baby 24/7, but the baby still wants stimulation. They also need to learn to roll over, kick, reach, focus their eyes, and laugh. They'll learn this all in due time, but an activity gym can help with the process.

Baby gyms:

  • Give parents arm's a rest. Arms aching from holding the baby non-stop? Put them down on an activity mat. This will give baby something to do that they'll really look forward to.
  • Play with baby on the mat. Show them the toys. Point to different things on the activity gym. Make the music player work. Show them how it's done! (It's not just a sit down and forget about it type of thing, really).
  • Are transportable. They travel easily, and fold up nicely for car transport. Easy peasy. 
  • Are machine washable. Throw the mat in the washing machine if it gets soiled. 
  • Exposes babies to music. Many activity gyms feature baby friendly music, like nursery rhymes or classical music.
You'll be surprised at how many of these are out there today, and how big of a lifesaver they really are once you start to use them. From the ages of birth to about 8 months (or sooner if they learn to walk/crawl young), baby will love being on this mat. A wise investment for any parent! I've reviewed my top picks here:

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